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Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if they are a bit of OOC.
The alarm clock is blaring in the room. A slender hand punched the clock off. The cocoon on the bed moved and reveals an orange haired girl. Orihime sat up, a little daze. She rubs her eyes while looking into her clock.
It’s been 2 years now since the winter war. Life goes back to normal, well as normal it could get after what happen. I have change so much since that time. It’s not like they’ll notice just how much I have really changed. It took them that incident to start noticing the few changes. Thinking that it was only a side effect of whatever was done to me in Hueco Mundo.
She signed and got up to prepare for school. She did her morning rituals and prepare for school.
The first change would be her color choices. Such as clothes, trinkets, manicure color etc. She preferred green, orange and black colors now instead of orange, yellow and red. No one re
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Ive learned about..two things recently or more like experienced these you could say
1. I'm not a tech Wiz
2. S*** happens out of nowhere
okay the first one i realized pretty fast but i thought determination could make up for lack of skill. like pull a total Rudy(overcome the impossible) but i have no idea on how to set up a drawing tablet even to save my life. so that's on hold till my brother comes home and installs it
number two occurred about 3 maybe 4 days ago. i woke up with a splitting headache swelling of the ear and huge lack of energy. i swear if we didn't have Thursday off i would've skipped school due to the immense pain. skip ahead 2 days to go to doctor to find i have an infection of the canal! well fine that'll happen but the reason i wrote S*** HAPPENS is because the day after i wake up to find instead of one infected ear BOTH ARE INFECTED. so i can barely hear a thing.

im so unlucky
  • Listening to: not possible
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: youtube videos
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: pain relievers and tons of other pills
  • Drinking: nothing


United States
My friend told me to check this out and she was totally right about how awesome it is.


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